Born to Carve?

Bruce Pumpkin

How could I not love Springsteen? I grew up working and playing in Asbury Park, New Jersey, where The Boss ruled (and still does). But the good folks at Backstreets reeeaalllly love Springsteen — and who can blame them? Backstreets is the world’s largest community of Springsteen fans, so you can imagine how chuffed I was to learn that they dug my books.

Aubrey, the heroine of my serial killer thriller novel The Lineman, is a huge Springsteen fan. References to Bruce pop up throughout the book. I even took a little creative license with Bruce, as we fiction writers are apt to do: in Aubrey’s universe, Springsteen re-records Wichita Lineman, originally made famous by Glen Campbell. (A little wishful thinking on my part. Are you listening, Bruce?)

In Asbury Dark, my collection of short stories, a tale titled “The Circuit” finds a middle-aged man hearing “Born to Run” on the radio for the first time, and he is deeply affected.

I’m so proud to announce that Backstreets is giving away copies of Asbury Dark as prizes in their Bruce Springsteen pumpkin carving contest. So take a knife and slice up your most creative Springsteen-inspired gourd and send a picture to Backstreets. The First Prize winner gets some impressive Springsteen swag along with my book. But you only have until noon on Thursday, October 310, 2014 to enter. Hurry and get the full deets here.


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