new jersey zombie storiesDon’t laugh.  I’m sure the Scifi Channel already has the project in development, along with its sequel, Zombinado II: Gore With the Wind.   I survived the actual event.

Saturday morning, as we tried to set up a vendor table at the New Jersey Zombie Walk, horizontal rain driven by gale-force winds threatened to kill our ambitions like Michonne slicing through walkers.

Inclement weather had been predicted for Asbury Park all week long.  Weather.com had the rain stopping at 3pm while Accuweather suggested the sun would come out at 2:00.  The Zombie Walk organizers, who were determined to hold the annual event rain or shine, were even more optimistic, assuring dead and undead alike that the deluge would be over by 1:00.Darryl1

My brave cohorts, fellow vendors and I endured early N’oreaster-like conditions, toweling off our tables, weighing down our merchandise and dodging falling debris.  Beneath the barely-there shelter of the Casino shell, I commiserated with my neighbor vendor, professional make-up artist Edward O’Rourke and his wife Sabina.  Their Zombie Depot was the one-stop destination for make-up, prosthetics and post-apocalyptic coterie.  We shared some anxious moments wondering if the weather would keep the hordes at home.

Luckily, our faith in the fanatics was affirmed.  By mid-afternoon, even before the skies cleared, the ghouls began to shamble in.  More than a few  stopped by to say hello.  A Daryl Doppelganger gave me my photo-op of the day and posed with Tillie Zombie, an original work of art created for Asbury Dark by Jonathan Borowko.

In years past, I’ve been known to put on my own pretty face and join the festive fiends for the annual Guinness Book record count. zombie walk 13 Next year I hope to be back out on the boards, shambling in the sun, clamoring for brains.  Raising a few bucks is fine.  Raising the dead is divine.


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