The Word of the Night: Subcutaneous


1. situated or lying under the skin, as tissue.

2. performed or introduced under the skin, as an injection by a syringe.

3. living below the several layers of the skin, as certain parasites.




If you receive a subcutaneous bite from a zombie, you might have to reconsider that vegetarian diet.  Or you could find a concerned neighbor to shoot you in the head.




If you discover a subcutaneous micro chip implanted in your neck, you may also find out you’ve been abducted by aliens.  Or it could mean it’s end times and you’ve been tagged with the mark of the beast.




If a subcutaneous infestation of spiders erupts from a giant zit on your cheek, you may be under the influence of a voodoo curse.  Or in serious need of a new skin care regimen.



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