The Word of the Night: Extraction.

Extraction – noun

 1. an act or instance of extracting: the extraction of a molar.

2. the state or fact of being extracted.

3. descent or lineage: to be of foreign extraction.


Looking at the word extraction, my thoughts immediately turn to Marathon Man.  I never actually saw the film. (I know.  For shame, Bonfitto, for shame. ) But the scene where Lawrence Olivier shows off his dental skills for Dustin Hoffman is so iconic that even a  delinquent film school grad like me has seen that clip a dozen times.  It may seem counterintuitive, but maybe I should watch the movie before my next dental appointment.  I can only imagine the relief I will feel if my dentist tells me all I need is a root canal.

The next thing that pops into my head is the term military extraction.  In the movies, the team of commandoes, marines or mercenaries always goes into a situation with high confidence and the latest high tech gear.  A few severed limbs and some acid spewing aliens later, the objects of the rescue become an afterthought as the hero becomes focused on his or her own survival.  Yes, Ripley does save Newt in Aliens.  But don’t watch Alien 3 unless you want to get severely bummed out.

The other night at a Thanksgiving get together, I met a woman who did not learn until she was in her late thirties that she had been adopted.  She was not of the extraction she believed herself to be.  I’m a little behind watching my DVR recordings of Grimm, but so far I’m enjoying watching handsome detective Nick Burkhardt discover he is of mythological  extraction.    I would love to hand Nick a bowl of stuffing and listen to his heartache over his parents not telling him his true identity.  Growing up, I always wished there was some secret about our family I would one day uncover.  Like we were in the mafia, or our dog could talk.  But alas, we were law abiding, and the dog only barked.  As far as I know.


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